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Lenovo, HP and Dell are the main players in the market of laptops, desktops and notebooks all over the world. Lenovo has multiple product lines, each of which are marketed under different brands, like ThinkPad and IdeaPad for high-class and middle-class laptops, and ThinkCentre and IdeaCentre for desktops. Plus, Yoga is a sub brand of Lenovo for slim and light notebook computers.

Since you're on this page, you may have changed from Apple to Lenovo and have a new question that can I get iMovie on a Lenovo laptop? No one can answer this question without knowing what's the operating system on your Lenovo computer.

According to public information, Lenovo only released computers running Windows, except various Chromebook models. However, it's also possible that you have changed the built-in operating system to a virtualized Mac and/or Linux. So this article includes 3 parts divided by the possible OS of your Lenovo computer.

> Part 1: Download iMovie for Lenovo Windows
> Part 2: Download iMovie for Lenovo Laptops Running Mac
> Part 3: Download iMovie for Lenovo Computers Running Linux

Part 1: Download iMovie for Lenovo Windows Laptop and Desktop

Microsoft Windows is the preferred operating system by Lenovo computers (Windows 10 currently). Unfortunately, iMovie doesn't work on Windows. Thus, is there a way to download iMovie on a Lenovo computer?

Sorry, NO. Downloading iMovie for Lenovo computers is impossible unless you installed a Mac OS using virtualization software on your Lenovo computer (I'll talk about this in Part 2). In other words, if you want to edit videos on your Lenovo laptop, you must download and install an iMovie alternative for Lenovo.

Here we highly recommend Movavi Video Editor, which makes it as easy as iMovie to edit video and create movies in Windows and Mac. All common video editing tools in iMovie and a powerful timeline are included. The professional tools like green screen, PiP, slow motion, filters, transitions, and animated titles are also available. Try it yourself now.

download imovie for lenovo pc video editor download imovie for lenovo mac video editor

imovie for windows alternative

Part 2: Download iMovie for Lenovo Laptops Running Mac

If you're currently running macOS on your Lenovo desktop or laptop computer, you may be in trouble using iMovie on Mac. See how to fix iMovie not working issues. If not, follow the subsequent steps to download iMovie for Lenovo. iMovie is totally free for all macOS users. Also try iMovie alternative for Mac if needed.

1. Launch Mac App Store.

2. In the search text field, input iMovie.

3. In the search result page, click iMovie.

4. In the iMovie app page, you're able to either update it or install iMovie to your Lenovo's macOS. For more information about iMovie download for Mac >>

imovie for lenovo update

Keep in mind that you're able to download and install iMovie on a Lenovo computer with virtualized macOS powered, but it could probably not work at all. Video editing requires a fully featured graphic card. However, there is usually not suitable driver for your graphic card on a virtualized macoS. Make sure your graphic card is working in full speed on your Mac before you get iMovie on your Lenovo Mac. In case that you need an iMovie for Mac alternative, get Movavi Video Editor for Mac for free trial.

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Part 3: Download iMovie for Lenovo Computer Running Linux

Can you get iMovie on Lenovo computers running Linux? The answer is NOT. iMovie is only available on macOS and iOS. Like iMovie for Windows alternatives, there are many iMovie for Linux alternatives. Here I humbly recommend OpenShot, which is an open source and free video editor like iMovie. As the below image shown, OpenShot gives you an easy and simple user interface. But under the interface, it's a long list of video editing features. Get this iMovie for Lenovo alternative right now.

imovie for lenovo video editor

iMovie Download for Lenovo Conclusion

Lenovo is a world-wide famous computer manufacturer. It's well-known for high security design, reliable battery and affordable price. The Lenovo ThinkPad (originally IBM ThinkPad) is one of the most popular brands for business professionals. Sadly, you can't get iMovie on Lenovo computers.

imovie for lenovo thinkpad

To edit video on Lenovo computers, you have to download video editing software like iMovie for Lenovo Windows and Mac. Movavi Video Editor is our suggested video editor that you can use on your Lenovo laptop or desktop no matter your Lenovo is running on Windows or Mac. Either Windows or Mac is supported. Free download iMovie for Lenovo alternative now.

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