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Dell is one of the best laptops, desktop and notebook brands in the computer industry. Dell laptops and notebooks look good and have high resolution screens so that Dell laptops and other computers are loved by people all over the world, including many iMovie users. So when they have bought a new Dell laptop, they may ask that can you get iMovie on a Dell laptop?

The answer depends on what's the operating system your computer is using. Generally speaking, there are 3 main streams of operating system. They are Windows, Mac and Linux. Most Dell laptop, notebook and desktop computers have a Windows system, while some people may change the default system to a hacked Mac or a customized Linux. Go to the specific section to learn more about iMovie for Dell computers depending on your operating system.

> Part 1: Download iMovie Alternative for Dell Laptops Running Windows
> Part 2: Download iMovie for Dell Computers Running Mac OS
> Part 3: Download iMovie for Dell Laptops and Computers Running Linux

Part 1: Download iMovie for Dell Laptops Running Windows

Microsoft Windows is the world's most popular operating system for laptops and desktops. That's why most Dell computers ship with Windows operating system (Windows 10 currently).

Unfortunately, iMovie is created for Mac exclusive by Apple Inc. Apple wants people buy their MacBook or iMac because of their high-quality software including iMovie. So iMovie is only and will only be compatible with Mac and iOS (for iPhone/iPad/iPod).

That's to say, downloading iMovie for Dell computers is impossible unless you installed a hacked Mac on your Dell computer (we'll talk about this in Part 2). Therefore, if you want to edit videos on a Dell laptop, you have to find an iMovie alternative for Dell.

Here we highly recommend Movavi Video Editor, which looks like iMovie and most important it works like iMovie. It includes all common video editing tools in iMovie as well as a similar timeline. For advanced tools like green screen, picture-in-picture, slow motion, filters, transitions, and animated titles, you can easily find them and use them for making your movies. Better than iMovie, Movavi Video Editor works on either Windows and Mac. Get a free trial now.

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imovie for windows alternative

Part 2: Download iMovie for Dell Laptops Running Mac

Although it's not a good idea to run Mac on Dell, but it's true that you can do it with the help of virtualization software like VMware Workstation and VirtualBox. So if your Dell laptop, notebook, or desktop computer is already running Mac on Windows, please follow these step to download iMovie for Dell. iMovie is totally free for all Mac users.

1. Open the App Store.

2. In the search box, enter iMovie.

3. In the search result page, click iMovie.

4. In the iMovie app page, you're able to either update it or install it to your Mac. For more information about iMovie download for Mac >>

imovie for dell update

Sadly, as per my own experience, iMovie doesn't run well on a hacked Mac (aka Black Apple), especially the driver for your graphic card hasn't been installed properly. Yes, you can run iMovie on a hacked Mac, but I can't even preview the video in iMovie. If you installed iMovie on your Dell computer's macOS, but can't get it work correctly, first try to update the graphic card's drive to try your luck. In case that the problem could not be solved, get Movavi Video Editor for Mac or Windows for free trial. Either Mac and Windows are supported.

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Part 3: Download iMovie for Dell Computer Running Linux

Dell's son brand Alienware has released at least one model running Linux (SteamOS based on Debian). It's Alienware Steam Machine Console specially designed for gamers. You could also run Linux on Dell's regular laptop or desktop computers using virtualization software described above. Likewise, iMovie doesn't support Linux, and you need an iMovie alternative, too. Here OpenShot is highly recommended, which comes with an easy and intuitive interface like iMovie. Also, Openshot is powerful with similar video editing tools to iMovie. Download iMovie alternative for Dell now. Either Linux, Windows or Mac is supported.

imovie for dell video editor

iMovie Download for Dell Conclusion

Dell laptops, notebooks and desktops are notoriously good products, Dell computers are very refined and durable. Most of them have superb style of rotating shaft design, ultra-thin shape and sharp screen, which all together has brought it a lot of people's love.

Congrats to you for getting a Dell computer. Now what you need is to download a reliable video editing software like iMovie for Dell. Movavi Video Editor is a good choice whatever you're using a Windows or Mac on your Dell laptop or desktop. Free download iMovie for Dell alternative now.

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