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As you know, iMovie is an excellent movie maker that helps everyone make movies without any prior knowledge required. It's super friendly to movie-making beginners. However, when you switched to Windows, there is a problem. iMovie maker for Windows is not available. iMovie is the movie maker exclusive for macOS and iOS users.

For Windows users, Movavi Video Editor is a well-known alternative to iMovie maker for Windows. Like iMovie, this Movavi movie maker provides you with an intuitive user interface and all the necessary tools to make stunning movies. Just import your media files, and then either edit video, add titles, or apply effects. When you're pleased with your movie, export it to share anywhere you want. It's fully compatible with your iPhone, iPad, YouTube, Facebook, and almost any portable device. Get a free trial now.

iMovie Maker for Windows 10

imovie maker for windows

Comparison between iMovie and iMovie Maker for PC Alternative

Frankly, there are many alternatives to iMovie maker for Windows on the market. Why choose Movavi Video Editor? Is it your best choice to make movies on Windows? This depends on what feature you need and whether you have special demands or not. Movavi Movie Maker is generally more powerful than iMovie. It's our pick for movie maker on Windows. Check out detailed features on the following table, or try it free now.

Comparison iMovie Movavi Movie Maker
Target Users Beginners From beginners to intermediate users
Themes Yes Yes (Instant Video mode)
Format Support Only regular formats like MP4/MOV 200+ input & output formats
Basic Video Editing Split, Crop, Rotate, Pan-Zoom, Color Adjustments, Stabilization Split, Crop, Rotate, Pan-Zoom,Color Adjustments, Stabilization
Advanced Video Editing Green Screen, Picture-in-Picture, Slow Motion Green Screen, Picture-in-Picture, Slow Motion, Side by Side, Highlight & Conceal, Animation, Scene Detection, Logo
Title Templates 40+ 50+
Trailer Templates Yes No
Transitions 20+ 100+
Filters 30+ 150+
Built-in Stickers No 100+
Effect Store No Extra Effect Packages
Share File, Email, Image, Apple TV, Theater, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo Video, Audio, Devices, Apple TV, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, GIF

Is There More iMovie Makers for Windows?

Movavi Movie Maker is so far the best iMovie maker substitute for Windows we've ever seen. It comes with almost every feature that iMovie includes. You should not pass it if you're searching for an iMovie maker for Windows. If your need is not too special, it's your best choice. You should also know that the iMovie templates are very unique. In other words, if you want to find a movie maker with templates like iMovie. This is an impossible mission.

Want a free movie maker for Windows? Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker is the official movie maker for Windows computers. However, it's a crippled application that can't be put on a par with iMovie. Windows Movie Maker can only do basic cutting and combination of photos, music, and texts. Most important, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Movie Maker in 2017 and free downloads of Windows Movie Maker provided by 3rd parties may contain malware or viruses.

Comparison iMovie Windows Movie Maker
Target Users Beginners Beginner
Themes Yes -
Format Support MP4, MOV, MP3 WMV, MP4, AVI, MP3
Basic Video Editing Yes Yes
Titles Yes Yes
Transitions Yes Yes
Trailer Templates Yes -
Pan & Zoom Yes -
Picture-in-Picture Yes -
Green Screen Yes -
Split Screen Yes -
Share File, Email, Image, Apple TV, Theater, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo File, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo

Free iMovie Maker for Windows with No Watermark

Icecream Video Editor (Free download link)is a free alternative to iMovie maker for Windows. Like iMovie, it's free to edit videos and make movies, but it only works on Windows. It allows you to export your project (up to 5 minutes) with no watermark. Icecream Video Editor is an ideal solution for making home videos or videos for school project if you don't have enough budget.

imovie maker for windows

FAQs about iMovie Maker for Windows

Can you get iMovie on Windows?

Unfortunately, Apple hasn't released any iMovie maker for Windows. Thus, you cannot download iMovie for Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8, and Windows 7. To make movies on Windows, Movavi Video Editor is highly recommended.

Is Windows Movie Maker free?

Yes, Windows Movie Maker is totally free, just like iMovie maker is free for macOS and iOS users. Currently, you cannot download Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft's official site. But you can get it from famous sites like or You should avoid downloading Windows Movie Maker from third-party websites. That's why Windows Movie Maker is not an ideal iMovie maker for Windows equivalent.

iMovie Maker for Windows Conclusion

iMovie Maker for Windows is unavailable. To create movies on Windows, you have to find an iMovie for Windows alternative. Movavi Video Editor is one of the best replacements for iMovie for Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows 7. Microsoft Windows Movie Maker is not as good as iMovie and it's hard to get the safe setup file. That's why it isn't recommended to be used for movie-making on Windows now.

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