iMovie Is Free for Old and New Apple Devices Now

Is iMovie free? This is the question many Mac and Windows users may ask. Before September 2013, Apple provided iWork and iLife (iMovie included) software suites to new Apple device users for free, but for old device users, these Mac and iOS applications still require a payment to download and install to their devices. Now the situation has changed. Apple has announced that iWork and iLife software is completely free for all Mac and iOS users, no need to buy a new Apple device. iMovie is totally FREE from now on. To get it, go to the Mac App Store or App Store for iOS.

imovie free for all apple devices

The iLife software suite contains iMovie, GaragaBand, iDVD and other software, while iWork suite include Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. For many old users of Apple devices, this is the first time to greet the opportunity to use Apple's official application for free. Before this price policy, you would've had to pay $4.99 for iMovie for iOS and $9.99 for each of the iWork apps on iOS. On Macs, iMovie required a payment of $14.99, while Pages, Numbers, and Keynote were priced at $19.99 each. Now iMovie is free, as well as other applications in iLife and iWork suites.

Congratulations to Apple's old fans. Apple saves you big money. However, your old Mac computer might be incompatible with iMovie due to hardware or other issues. In such case, you'd better get an iMovie free or paid alternative.

Best iMovie for Windows Alternative Free Download

Movavi Video Editor is well-known video editing software for Mac and Windows. This iMovie for Windows alternative is sold for $39.99, which has similar interface and features to iMovie for Mac. Free download Movavi Video Editor for Mac now to edit video and make movies on your Mac, no matter it's an old or new Mac machines. Watch the video demo to learn more about this iMovie alternative.

Explore features of Movavi Video Editor for Windows and Mac >>

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