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iMovie, Apple's official video editing application, enables you to quickly create good-looking 4K movies. Professional movies and Hollywood-style trailers are at your fingertips by using iMovie for Mac. iMovie for iOS is also available, but it's less powerful than the Mac version.

Big Sur is the code name for the latest macOS 11, which was first released to the publish on June 22, 2020. The latest version of iMovie for Mac is 10.2.3, which works perfectly on macOS 11 Big Sur and macOS 10.15.6 Catalina or later. For those computers that run on operating systems before macOS 10.15.6, earlier version of iMovie may be suggested by Apple. Please refer to the official page of iMovie for Mac download page. If iMovie isn't compatible with your system, you need an iMovie alternative for Mac.

Download iMovie for macOS Version: 10.2.3macOS: 10.15.6 or later Big Sur Supported

Note that it's totally free to download and use iMovie for Mac.

What's New in Apple iMovie 10.2.3 (latest version)?

  1. Fixed the issues that could occur when importing projects from iMovie for iOS.
  2. Fixed an issue in which changing an event name in the All Events view may cause that same name to be incorrectly displayed for a different event.
  3. Improved stability and reliability.

imovie for mac big sur

Requirements for Apple iMovie 10.2

  1. macOS 10.15.6 Catalina or later, including Big Sur and Catalina.
  2. 4K export requires a Mac from 2011 or later with at least 4 GB RAM. 

What's New in macOS 11 Big Sur?

  1. A Fresh Look
  2. A Control Center along with Widgets!
  3. Safari Improvements
  4. New Maps
  5. Upgraded Messages
  6. Better Spotlight Search
  7. Nutrition Label in the App Store
  8. Automatic AirPods Switching

Key Features of iMovie for Mac

iMovie is a fast and fun video making app that lets you create movies from video, photos and music.. It's ready for helping you to make a 4K movie. Then you can enjoy your work anywhere you want. Also, you can create a Hollywood-style trailer for sharing with your movie friends.

Make a Hollywood-style trailer

iMovie is the easiest video editor that provides you with professional trailer templates to choose from, including fascinating graphics and original soundtracks from the world's top music creator. After applying a trailer template, you can customize the film producer logo, casts and filmmakers in the "Outline" view. Add and adjust videos in the Storyboard view. You're able to add existing content from your library, or record new video directly in the trailer.

Easily make 4K movies from themes

iMovie comes with lots of themes, each of which is designed with unique titles, transitions and background music. By using a theme, you just need to add videos and photos from your library, or shoot directly in the timeline, let your photos automatically play animations with Ken Burns effects, or create your own motion effects with two fingers. You're also provided with music and sound effects, or the songs in your own music library. It's also simple to add voiceover directly into your project to create sound tracks.

Basic and advanced video editing tools included

A variety of video editing tools are provided, like Trim, Split, Detach audio, Titles, Speed up/down, and filter effects. 4K movies made easy with these tools.

Get the Best iMovie for Mac Alternative

It's for sure that iMovie is a great video editing application. But it has its own disadvantages like limited input video format, occupying large storage space and limited platform support. It only works on Mac and iOS. For Windows users, they have to find an iMovie for Windows alternative. So why not try a video editor that works on either Mac or Windows? In such case, your movie making experience will keep the same no matter you're on a Mac or PC.

Movavi Video Editor is humbly recommended as an iMovie alternative for Mac and Windows. It was picked out because it's the video editor most like iMovie. Try it now for free.

imovie for mac and pc

How to Get Mac Updated Automatically

Open System Preferences, click on Software Update, check the box beside "Automatically keep my Mac up to date".

macos update

How to Get iMovie for Mac Updated Manually

When the above Software Update dialog says that your Mac is up to date, macOS and all of its apps are also up to date. That includes Safari, iTunes, Books, Messages, Mail, Calendar, Photos, and FaceTime.

However, iMovie is not in the list. To find updates for iMovie, Garageband, Keynote, and other apps that came separately from the App Store, open the App Store on your Mac, then click the Updates tab. You can also redownload apps from the App Store.

imovie for mac update

Download iMovie for macOS Version: 10.2.3macOS: 10.15.6 or later Big Sur Supported

For those who are using both Big Sur and Windows, download the best iMovie alternative for Mac and Windows here.

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