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iMovie Themes are built-in movie templates, with which can you only import your video/photos and change necessary information to make professional videos. Anyone could be a master with iMovie themes.

However, iMovie themes only works on Mac. They are iMovie-specific. It's impossible to get the identical themes in other video editing software, no matter it's in Windows or Mac. But there are many video editing software provide movie themes, like Movavi Video Editor (Windows and Mac), Cyberlink PowerDirector (Only Windows), Pinnacle Studio (Only Windows), Wondershare Fantashow (Mac and Windows) and so on.

Top 5 iMovie for Mac Themes

  • Below are the top rated iMovie themes.
  • # 1 - Sports theme. Have shoot many sport videos? iMovie's sport theme is made for you. Simply fill in slots for the players, scores as well as teams, you're ready for showing a complete professional video to the world.
  • # 2 - Movie Trailer themes. iMovie’s trailer templates enable you to produce a Hollywood-style creation that will astonish your friends and family . Several templates are available, like ACTION, Blockbuster, Bollywood, Documentary, and so on. Your movie style is up to you, my honor director!
    # 3 - Film Strip theme.
  • This is a very popular iMovie theme that shows the flight route on holiday or a family trip. A rotating earth model with a red line marks your starting position and end position. It's a good way to remember your awesome holiday, which will enrich your life.
  • # 4 - News theme. It is common these days for people to record their own news reports. iMovie News theme comes in handy to make a real breaking-in news. Involving a big event? Capture it now and bring it to the next level with iMovie News theme. It have never been easier.

  • # 5 - Scrapbook theme. Scrapbook is a classical form to organize your ideas and share with others. It is a popular iMovie theme that you can have for adding art feeling to your home movies. Many female and girl filmmaker love this iMovie theme.
  • For your information, you're able to select a different theme at any time by choosing Window > Movie Properties (Command-J) and in the viewer clicking the resulting Settings button, and then click the Theme button that appears. In the theme chooser window, you can select a new theme.

imovie for mac theme
imovie for mac theme
imovie for mac theme

imovie for mac theme

imovie for mac theme


iMovie Alternative Theme Pack for DVD and Blu-ray Movies

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