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As you may know that iMovie doesn't support Microsoft Windows, which means you can NOT download iMovie onto Windows and use it to edit video on your PC computer.

That's why there are many Windows new users asked such kind of questions on Reddit is a big online community that users (also called redditors) can create their own topics, in which, redditors can post links and comments. Other users can vote for high or low scores on the published links, and links with outstanding scores will be placed on the homepage. In addition, users can comment on the published link and reply to other redditors, thus forming a very active community. Their slogan is The front page of the Internet.

So what's the answer on for question like "iMovie for Windows reddit"? Here is just an example. Reddit user WartyComb39498, a student, asked 4 years ago on

I've had my gaming laptop for some time now, and am starting to need a video editor for some projects at school. Back when I had my mac, I'd resort to iMovie due to how it was just easy to use and got the job done. Anybody here have any advice for an alternative? I know this is more a gaming sub, but other PC issues seem prominently mentioned here.

Windows Movie Maker are recommended first by two Redditors. Frankly speaking, Windows Movie Maker is one of the choices for alternative to iMovie for Windows, and should the best equivalent on the operating system level. But iMovie is much better than Windows Movie Maker. It's only a free choice when you just want to do basic editing like rotating, trimming, titling, adding background music. Any other video editing needs requires you to looking for a better replacement for iMovie on Windows. This article will answer your questions after researching related comments on

> #1 iMovie for Windows Reddit Alternative - Movavi Video Editor Plus
> #2 iMovie for Windows Reddit Alternative - HitFilm Express
> #3 iMovie for Windows Equivalent by Microsoft - Windows Movie Maker

#1 iMovie for Windows Alternative - from ThatIndianGuy7116 on Reddit user ThatIndianGuy7116 (8 years old, karma 48K+) have tried Movavi Video Editor and thought it's "basically iMovie for Windows". The only problem is the price. In my opinion, every extra penny deserves its value. Movavi Video Editor comes with intuitive user interface like iMovie. All regular features of iMovie are also included in this iMovie alternative for both Mac and Windows. It's so far the closest substitute for iMovie on Windows.

download imovie for windows reddit

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#2 iMovie for Windows Reddit Alternative - HitFilm Express

In term of "FREE iMovie for Windows", HitFilm Express is a good choice. Like iMovie, it's totally free to download and use, and feature-rich. In the above-described section, Reddit veteran ThatIndianGuy7116 also tried HitFilm Express, but it crashes from time to time, which waste his precious time on project. But it may work on your computer. So why not tried it yourself. Another user monkeywithgun also recommended HitFilm Express as an iMovie for Windows substitute.

iMovie for windows reddit


#3 iMovie for Windows Equivalent by Microsoft - Windows Movie Maker

Lots of Redditors might recommend Windows Movie Maker as a substitute for iMovie on Windows, e.g. EpikUserzz and lin2thewind in this post - Alternative to iMovie for Windows? Although it's unavailable to download Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft's official site to your Windows, you can still find link on the Internet to download and use Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10. But be careful, there may be malicious links. Here is the safe link to download Windows Movie Maker:

By the way, the OP (WartyComb39498) of this Reddit post claimed that Movavi Video Editor is the best choice for alternative to iMovie for Windows.

free iMovie for windows 10 reddit

Conclusion on iMovie for Windows topics on Reddit

People love free stuff. That's why HitFilm Express and Windows Movie Maker are usually recommended as alternatives to iMovie for Windows. But HitFilm Express is too complicated to run smoothly on your computer, or to edit video without effort. By contrary, Windows Movie Maker is simple and easy to use. But it can't fully suit your needs in many cases. Movavi Video Editor has been proved by Reddit users to be one of the best alternatives to iMovie for Windows. Thank redditors like ThatIndianGuy7116 and WartyComb39498 for sharing their questions and answers on, which helps people find the right product and service quickly and easily, making this world better. Now watch product video of Movavi Video Editor and give a try for free.

Explore features of Movavi Video Editor for Windows and Mac >>

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