Top 5 iMovie Alternatives for Windows 10 & Windows 11

iMovie is undoubtedly the most popular video editing software on Mac. One hand, it's easy to use even for novices with the intuitive interface and the user-friendly menu. iMovie users can easily find what they want and then realize what they need. On the other hand, advanced users can drill down iMovie features and customize their videos with so many options. On Mac, it's hard to find a better movie maker than iMovie.

This article will help you find your favorite video editor in Windows. I hope it's the best equivalent to iMovie for you. Before reading on, note that iMovie doesn't work in Windows. Stop asking questions like 'when will Apple release iMovie for Windows?'. It won't happen. Also, this article doesn't cover any method that teaches you to install a Mac in Windows so you can use iMovie in the hosted Mac OS.

#1 iMovie Alternative for PC - Movavi Video Editor

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  • iMovie is the your multimedia creation center. The material is your video, photos, music, voiceover, and your idea. iMovie weaves all things into beautiful scenes so your audiences can feel what you want to convey.
  • Movavi Video Editor does the same thing in Windows. It lets you import almost any media, arrange them on timeline, synchronize your audio, and then enables you to share your creation anywhere.
  • The only difference is the interface of the software. It might take some time for you to get used to this iMovie for Windows alternative. Windows 10 is fully supported.
Windows 10 video editing
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#2 iMovie for PC Alternative - Windows Movie Maker

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  • Microsoft Windows 10 operating system has been released finally in 2015. Along with it, Windows 10 Movie Maker is bundled. Windows 10 Movie Maker is the 'official' equivalent to iMovie in the view point of operating system. However, compared to iMovie, Windows Movie Maker is really a crap. I suppose you have probably tried it but unhappy with it, right?
  • Didn't find Windows 10 Movie Maker? Well, here is how you can find it on your Windows system. If you only want basic video editing features, it's your choice.
  • Directly type 'movie maker' in the search bar of Windows 10, and if you see it, click it to go, or not, install Windows Essentials to get it. Note that Windows Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery must be installed together because they share so many features.
windows 10 movie maker
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#3 iMovie for PC Alternative - Wondershare Filmora

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  • Wondershare Filmora is a great video editing software title for Windows and Mac. It's even easier then Windows 10 Movie Maker but more powerful. It guides you through movie making step by step. In every step, you got enough video editing options to enhance your video instantly. For example, it includes hundreds of filter effects. You can choose an effect, preview it and apply to your video if you're satisfied. It offers you almost any way to share your video.
  • The only drawback is the stability. This iMovie alternative for Windows crashes sometimes. You should save your video project from time to time. Frankly speaking, this is a good habit even you're using a stable software like Microsoft Word, right?
imovie alternative for windows 10
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#4 iMovie Alternative for Windows - NCH VideoPad

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  • Sony Vegas is an industry-leading video editing software. I don't think it's an ideal alternative to iMovie. But if you ask me what's the closest alternative to Sony Vegas, it's definitely NCH VideoPad. They're very similar to each other, including user interface and features.
  • VideoPad is a fully-featured video editor like iMovie. Making movies is easier then ever. Customizing your video is the same easy. High quality videos made in minutes. That's the main reason why we recommend VideoPad as iMovie for PC alternative.

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#5 iMovie for PC Alternative - Lightworks Free

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  • Lightworks is professional video editing software. It provides you with two versions: Free and Pro. Here Lightworks Free is recommended as #5 iMovie alternative for Windows users.
  • Lightworks is compatible with all main OS platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. So if you're very familiar with Mac OS, Lightworks might be the best iMovie alternative for you because it provides you the best Mac-style operations and interfaces. Anywhere, it deserves your trial, but the Pro version isn't a good iMovie alternative because of the price.
imovie alternative for windows
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iMovie Alternatives for Windows Conclusion

Here I would share 2 opinions: First, it's impossible to find an iMovie alternative in Windows with the identical interface. iMovie for Mac is unique. If iMovie is very important, you choose it and drop Windows. If you choose Windows, you have to give up the real iMovie. I know it's hard to make a decision, but you did it! Congratulations!

Second, there're many options of video editing software. These 5 iMovie alternatives are the best choices of mine, based on features, interface and price. I hope you find your favorite movie maker for Windows and enjoy video editing!

Lastly, Movavi Video Editor is the top-rated iMovie for PC alternative. You deserve it!

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