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HP, short for Hewlett-Packard, is a global company providing technical solution for small, medium and large enterprises, and individual users. For computers, HP has two product lines, home and business, and in these two product lines, they have their own high-end and low-end models. Obviously, you're an HP customer. Now your question may be that can I get iMovie on HP laptop?

The answer could be yes or no depending on what's the operating system your HP computer is powered on. Generally speaking, your HP computer might work on Windows, Chrome OS and Mac. A majority of HP laptop, notebook and desktop computers have a Windows system, usually Windows 10. And HP also delivered Chromebook based on Google's Chrome OS. Some veteran HP users might also install various OS on the same HP computer, including a virtualized macOS. Select the corresponding OS to learn more about iMovie for your HP laptop, notebook or desktop.

> Part 1: Download iMovie Alternative for HP Windows Computers
> Part 2: Download iMovie for HP Laptops Running Chrome OS
> Part 3: Download iMovie for HP Computers Running A Virtual Mac

Part 1: Download iMovie for HP Windows Computers

Let's assume that your HP computer is running a Windows 10 operating system. This is probably true because Microsoft Windows is the world's NO.1 operating system for laptops, notebooks and desktops. Unfortunately, iMovie is developed by Apple Inc. and only compatible with macOs and iOS (for iPhone/iPad/iPod). According to Apple's tradition, Apple won't released a Windows version of iMovie, FCPX and their other killer apps.

Let's face it. iMovie is incompatible with most HP computers unless you installed a virtualized Mac on your HP computer (see Part 3). You need to download iMovie alternative for your HP laptop or desktop computer.

Here I strongly recommend Movavi Video Editor, which comes with an intuitive interface like iMovie and similar to iMovie, it provides you with all regular video editing tools like splitting, trimming, cropping, adding titles and transitions, etc. It also enables you to edit green screen video, picture-in-picture, slow motion, reverse, and so on. Movavi Video Editor does almost everything iMovie does. Better than iMovie, Movavi Video Editor is compatible with Windows and Mac. Get a free trial now.

download imovie for hp windows download imovie for hp mac video editor

imovie for windows alternative

Part 2: Download iMovie for HP Laptops Running Chrome OS

If you're using a HP Chromebook powered with Google's Chrome OS, and want to download iMovie on HP, give it up as soon as possible. iMovie doesn't run on Chrome OS. The latter is an operating system for laptop and desktop computer that gives you easy access to all your Android apps and Google Drive content. If you want to edit videos on HP Chromebooks, you could either use iMovie online alternatives, iMovie for Android alternatives, or search for a video editor (e.g. OpenShot) from Chrome Web Store. Below is the screenshot of ClipChamp as an online iMovie for HP alternative for Chromebooks.

imovie for hp video editor

Part 3: Download iMovie for HP Laptops Running Mac

HP laptops and desktops can run Windows, Mac and other OS at the same time with the help of virtualization software like VMware Workstation and VirtualBox. So if your HP computer has a Mac OS, and want to get iMovie on HP, please go for the following step to download iMovie for HP laptops and desktops. iMovie is completely free for all macOS users.

1. Start the App Store on the virtualized macOS.

2. In the search box, enter iMovie.

3. In the search result page, click iMovie.

4. In the iMovie app page, you can either update iMovie or install iMovie to your HP Mac. Read more about iMovie download for Mac >>

imovie for hp update

Although you could download and install iMovie on HP computer's macOS, it's hard to make iMovie work correctly. According to my own experience, iMovie usually doesn't work well on a virtualized Mac because video editing takes lots of computer resources but the driver of your HP graphic card can't be installed properly. You're even unable to preview your video in iMovie. If you've installed iMovie on your HP's macOS, but can't get it run perfectly, ensure the driver for graphic card is update to date. In case that the problem is still there, get Movavi Video Editor for Mac or Windows for free trial.

download imovie for hp laptop download imovie for hp desktop

iMovie Download for HP Conclusion

imovie for hp laptop

Hewlett-Packard (HP) provides a wide range of computer products, including laptops, notebook, desktop computers, printers, tablet PCs, etc. for home and business purpose. If you get a new HP computer and want to download iMovie on HP, you're in the right place to find your desired info.

For most HP computer users, what you need is an easy yet powerful video editing software like iMovie for HP Windows 10 machines. Movavi Video Editor is one of the best video editors that supports either Windows or Mac. Although iMovie isn't compatible with HP computers, you can download iMovie for HP alternative here.

download imovie for hp pc download imovie for hp mac editor

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