iMovie for Toshiba? Download iMovie for PC Alternative

Toshiba is Japan's largest semiconductor manufacturer and the second largest integrated motor manufacturer under the Mitsui Group. It also creates laptop and tablet computers, no desktop computer though. All Toshiba laptops are pre-installed with Microsoft Windows operating system. Below is a video about how Windows 10 and Toshiba's Portégé and Tecra Laptops work together to bring smart performance and customized features for its customers.

However, iMovie and Toshiba laptops can't work together. iMovie exclusively runs on Apple's machines. Can you download iMovie for Toshiba laptops? No. To edit videos on Toshiba, you need to download an iMovie for Toshiba alternative.

Movavi Video Editor is one of the best video editing applications for Windows, including the latest Windows 10 on your Toshiba laptop.. This iMovie alternative includes most iMovie features, and also provides unique features you can't find in iMovie. Get iMovie alternative on your Toshiba now.

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How to Use iMovie for Toshiba Alternative to Edit Movies Easily

Movavi Video Editor provides you with all common video editing tools like Split, Trim, Rotate, Crop, Color Adjustments, etc. Both iMovie and Movavi Video Editor have free background music, free theme, free stickers, free title templates, but the iMovie alternative for Toshiba gives you more. The unique features of Movavi Video Editor includes Animation, Callouts, Highlight and Conceal, Noise Removal, Transition Wizard and so on. Give it a try now.

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Step 1: Download iMovie on Toshiba Laptops

Click here to get iMovie on your Toshiba laptop and double click on it to start the installation. Generally, you just need to click the Next button. When complete, open it from Toshiba's Windows 10 Cortana search box, or directly from your Toshiba desktop.

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Step 2: Create New Project and Import Your Clips

Two modes are available: Advanced Mode and Easy Mode (Montage Wizard). The latter enables you to make slideshow movies from preset themes step by step. At last, you can directly save the video to your Toshiba's hard drive, share on YouTube, or continue editing in the Advanced mode. To import your clips, go through File > Add Media Files and choose your files in the browser.

imovie for toshiba laptop

Step 3: Editing Videos on Your Toshiba Pro

All frequently used tools are placed on the left hand side, including Media, Filters, Transitions, Titles, Stickers, Pan/Zoom, Chroma Key, Animation, etc. After open these tab, simply drag elements to the timeline, or make settings in click. In the toolbar above the timeline, there are also useful tools like split, rotate, crop, color adjustment, audio settings, and so on. While editing video, the timeline is the place you organize all your clips and effects. Feel free to tell your story like in iMovie.

imovie for toshiba windows

Step 4: Share Your Movie Quickly and Easily

Movavi Video Editor simplifies the process of sharing video. 100+ preset profiles are included so you just need to choose from them and let Movavi will do the rest. Forget about all the settings. Change them only if necessary. Like iMovie, you can directly upload your edited video to YouTube without visiting

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iMovie Download for Toshiba Pro Conclusion

Stop asking "Can I get iMovie for Toshiba laptop"? iMovie is only compatible with Mac and iOS (for iPhone/iPad/iPod). Toshiba laptops are Windows computers.

In a word, if you want to edit videos on a Toshiba laptop, Movavi Video Editor is your best choice. It‘s similar to iMovie, but does better jobs in Windows computers. Download iMovie for Toshiba alternative now to try it yourself.

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