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RMVB video editor

What's a RMVB File?

RMVB, short for RealNetworks Variable Bitrate, is a private file container format created by RealNetworks. Currently, a common RMVB file use RealVideo10 + AAC (RealAudio10) encoding. RMVB, including RM, is the product when the network speed is not good. Its target is to use as little time as possible to get a barely clear picture quality with the smallest file size. Nowadays, you have many more choices like H.264 and MPEG-4. Under the same file size, H.264 encoded files provide higher quality image.

Today, RMVB is only popular in Asia, particularly China. The reason may be related to habits. At the beginning (probably 2000), many people used the RMVB format when encoding and distributing Japanese anime. They usually encoded videos and added subtitles to spread. At that time, RMVB could be seen anywhere. They are used to RMVB files and don't want to change, even though there are better choices like MKV with external subtitles support compared to RMVB's internal subtitles.

In fact, RMVB's codec RealVideo10 (or even RealVideo9 is based on H.264/AVC". RealVideo 10 refers to the under-developing H.264/AVC standard draft. RealVideo 10 can be considered as H.264/AVC Baseline Profile with B-Frame feature added. Therefore, RealVideo 10/RealVideo 9 and H.264/AVC have similar advantages and disadvantages, such as high compression efficiency and low codec efficiency. However, RealNetworks adds its own restrictions due to commercial reasons. This is totally different from the open and high-speed development of x264. Therefore, RMVB is going to die.

open and edit RMVB files

You need to install RealNetworks's own RealPlayer to play RMVB file or install the all-in-one K-lite codec packs to have a try. Other applications that can open and edit RMVB video include: KMPlayer, PotPlayer, VLC, FCPX, Movavi Video Editor, iMovie, Wondershare Filmora, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, etc.

How to Open RMVB Files with Movavi Video Editor

Open RMVB files in Windows

  1. In the main screen, go to the Media tab on the left sidebar and click the Add Media Files button.
  2. Go through the top menu bar File > Add Media Files, or simply press Ctrl+O.
  3. Resize Mov Video Editor's window and then drop RMVB files to the timeline.

Open RMVB files on Mac

  1. Go to the Media tab on the left sidebar and click the Add Media Files button.
  2. Go through File > Add Media Files in the top menu bar, or press Command+O.
  3. Drag and drop RMVB files from Finder to the timeline.

Open RMVB Video on All Modern Computers

Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP
macOS Big Sur macOS High Sierra macOS Sierra macOS el Capitan Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

FAQs on RMVB Playback in Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices

Question:How can you import .RMVB files to Adobe Premiere?

Answer: Since RMVB/RM is not supported by Adobe Premiere, most people may convert RMVB to Adobe Premiere compatible format using video converter. But quality will be worse and file size probably larger in such cases. You may import RMVB and RM video files to Adobe Premiere using avs script and avisynth import filter plugin.

Question:RMVB and MKV format, which is clearer?
Answer: There is no comparability. MKV is the file container format, while RMVB is more related to RealVideo 10 encoding. To analyze the clarity, it mainly depends on what video codecs are used in the video file. Personally, I'll recommend MKV, because RMVB creates an illusion in order to achieve small size and clarity. Details are usually ignored. MKV, especially with H.264/AVC, emphasizes details and has better image quality.

Movavi Video Editor Opens RMVB and Many More Video File Formats

Not only can RMVB Video Editor opens RMVB files but also all popular video formats. Movavi Video Editor is an all-in-one video editing application for Mac and Windows.


RMVB Video Editor Introduction

download video editor for RMVB download RMVB video editor

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