AI-powered Image Editor Better Than Photoshop

  • Professional-grade photo editor for Windows and Mac
  • Make your photos flawless instantly. No complicated operations.
  • Intuitive user interface requires ZERO learning time.
  • Easily remove and replace background, repair old photo, remove unwanted objects, auto enhance, retouch portraits, apply filter effects, etc.

Compatible with all modern OS, including Monterey and Windows 10

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Everyone Can Create Professional Photos in Clicks

Adobe Photoshop is the industry-leading image editing software in the world. But there is a steep learning curve before you master it. It may be the perfect photo editor for photographer and designer, but It's not the right photo editing application for general users like you. Movavi Picverse make it easier than ever for you to create professional-looking photos. No prior experience required at all.

  • Edit images in a snap so you can spend more time on shooting photos.
  • Smart photo editor designed with the latest AI technology.
  • Designed for both beginning and semi-professional users.
ai photo editor

AI Auto Enhancement

Movavi Photo Editor is intelligent enough to know the standard of professional graphics. With Picverse, you're able to make amazing photos in no time.

  • One-click to enhance your photo automatically.
  • Optimize HDR lighting and denoise.
  • Resize and scale up graphics without quality loss using AI technology.
  • Manually adjust every parameters like Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, White Balance, Sharpness, Hue, and so on.
photo editor ai adjust

Background Change & Object Removal

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, a person will be automatically marked so you can easily remove the background and replace with a new background.

  • No sweat to remove messy objects, random people or your accident fingers.
  • Use the Brush, Lasso, Marquee and Erase tools to select area and objects quickly.
  • Edit just a part of a photo or improve an area of low quality.
  • The magic wand tool helps you select objects with the same color.
photo editor remove background

Perfect Portraits At Your Fingertips

No one doesn't like impeccable portraits. Movavi Picverse makes it possible for everyone to do it themselves. No need to hire a photographer. You're the photographer from now on.

  • 18 photo retouch tools to help you apply touch-ups and cool makeup.
  • Quickly add realistic look to your skin, eyes, mouth, hair, face, etc.
  • Enlarge your eyes and reshape your body freely.
  • Change lip color and whiten teeth easily.
photo editor retouching

AI Colorize and Restore Old Photos

Movavi Picverse is now the best photo restoration software apart from general photo editor, thanks to the cutting-edge innovation on AI technology. It helps you preserve your family's history like a breeze.

  • One click to repair broken old pictures without visual noises.
  • One click to colorize your grandparents' black-and-white photos.
image editor repair

Awesome Photos Made Easy on PC and Mac

No feature is useless. Someone or you someday may need it. Movavi Picverse includes most popular photo editing features to turn your everyday snapshots into cherish moments and lasting memories.

  • Includes all regular photo editing tools like crop, flip, resize, rotate, text, etc.
  • 100 effects and filters to create eye-catching images like a magic.
  • Add your favorite frames to your picture to make it personalized.
  • Before-after mode lets you preview the result while editing.
  • Full compatible with RAW files and almost any image format .
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.
awesome graphic editor

download photo editor mac download photo editor pc

Watch Movavi Photo Editor Video Demo

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