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FLV video editor

What's a FLV File?

FLV (Flash Video) is a very popular streaming media format. Because of its compact video file size and simple encoding and playback, it is very suitable for network streaming. The early video websites including YouTube use FLV format for streaming video for a long time. Due to the close combination of web browsers and Flash Player, it is easy to play FLV videos on web pages using web browsers that supports Adobe Flash Player, which results in the popularity of FLV video format. In the FLV era, publishers can easily connect to Adobe Flash Media Server through Adobe's RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) protocol to publish FLV media online.

FLV was designed for the slowest (compared to present) Internet connection. Nowadays FLV video is only preferable if you bandwidth is taken into consideration seriously. In most cases, MP4 video has a better performances. However, some video sites still support FLV format. If you upload compatible FLV video, your video won't be encoded again. Otherwise, re-encoding is unavoidable.

open and edit FLV files

Currently, most FLV files contain H.264 video. If your media player support H.264 codec, it can play FLV video normally. If not, install K-Lite Codec Pack for Windows or Perian for Mac to add FLV compatibility to Windows Media Player or QuickTime. Other FLV compatibility applications include VLC, KMPlayer, PotPlayer, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Movavi Video Editor, Wondershare Filmora, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and so on.

How to Open FLV Files with Movavi Video Editor

Open FLV files in Windows

  1. In the main screen, go to the Media tab on the left sidebar and click the Add Media Files button.
  2. Go through the top menu bar File > Add Media Files, or simply press Ctrl+O.
  3. Resize Mov Video Editor's window and then drop FLV files to the timeline.

Open FLV files on Mac

  1. Go to the Media tab on the left sidebar and click the Add Media Files button.
  2. Go through File > Add Media Files in the top menu bar, or press Command+O.
  3. Drag and drop FLV files from Finder to the timeline.

Open FLV Video on All Modern Computers

Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP
macOS Big Sur macOS High Sierra macOS Sierra macOS el Capitan Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

FAQs on FLV Playback in Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices

Question:I can't fast forward a FLV file. How to fix?

Answer: There are many reasons why you can't fast forward or backward a FLV video, including wrong FLV player, incomplete download and corrupted FLV files. Try another FLV player, install the right FLV codec like K-lite, or convert FLV to MP4 or other formats using a decent video converter.

Question:I converted FLV to MP4 but no sound. Why?

Answer: VLC is not a good choice to convert video. Try Handbrake or better video converter like Movavi Video Editor.

Movavi Video Editor Is Compatible with FLV Files and More

Not only can FLV Video Editor opens FLV files but also all popular video formats. Movavi Video Editor is an all-in-one video editing application for Mac and Windows.


FLV Video Editor Introduction

download video editor for FLV download FLV video editor

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