Download Avatarify for Android to Make Funny Videos

Avatarify is a very popular AI-powered face animator application, with which you can easily make animated video or meme for fun. You don't need to master too many editing skills so as to make a very interesting video for sharing with your friends and family.

However, Avatarify is only compatible with iOS. Android and Windows are not supported. There are many Android applications doing similar things with Avatarify. Here we've chosen the best Avatarify alternative for Android users. For Windows user, check out Avatarify for Windows alternatives. This article will include the following 3 parts.

> Part 1. Introducing The Best Avatarify for Android Alternative - Wombo
> Part 2. How to Use Wombo to Animate Faces
> Part 3. Examples made with Wombo
> Part 4. FAQs about Avatarify for Android

Download Avatarify for Android from Google Play

First of all, our recommended Avatarify alternative for Android is called Wombo. Like Avatarify, Wombo is an video making application powered by AI technology. Wombo claims to be "the world's best AI-powered lip sync app", while Avatarify is so-called AI face animator. For general users, they both helps us to make deepfake but funny short video. Get it now for free on Google Play. By the way, Wombo is also compatible with iOS.

imovie for android wevideo

How to Use Avatarify for Android Alternative - Wombo

It's so easy to use Wombo that there should not be a formal user guide. Just take a selfie, pick a song, and you're done. Your funny video is ready to be sent to friends or share with users on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. As you could see in the following below, there are many popular songs to be chosen from, including the hottest one recently - Numa Numa.

Here are two tips to use this Avatarify for Android substitute:

1. For better animating result, take photos without your teeth showing.

2. Look directly into the camera for better face recognizing.

imovie for android editing

Avatarify for Android Example

Does Wombo really generate similar videos with Avatarify? Judge everything on your own. Here a funny Wombo video compilation. Salute to pre-present Trump.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download Avatarify for Android APK?

For those who can't install Wombo from Google Play, you could go to the third-party app download sites to get Wombo installed without Play app store. Download Avatarify Android APK here.

Does Avatarify work in Windows?

No, but you could make Avatarify to run on a PC. See how >>.

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