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Samsung is a well-known high technology company that designs and creates electronics like smart phones, computers, TVs, etc. One of Samsung‘s outstanding advantages is that it integrates R&D, design and manufacturing, and the complete upstream and downstream industry chain resources, making Samsung's notebook and desktop innovation in the leadership.

So it's a good idea to change from Apple to Samsung. The only problem in the way is: can I get iMovie on a Samsung notebook? I'm very sorry to tell you the answer NO, iMovie exclusively runs on Mac and iOS. Since Samsung's computers are featured either Windows or Chrome OS, it's impossible to get iMovie on a Samsung machines.

The problem could be fixed easily by choosing an iMovie for Samsung Windows or Chrome OS alternative. Below are the solutions to iMovie for Samsung divided by your Samsung computer's operating system.

> Part 1: Download iMovie Alternative for Samsung Notebooks Running Windows
> Part 2: Download iMovie Alternative for Samsung Chromebooks

Part 1: Download iMovie for Samsung Notebooks Running Windows

Windows is one of the two main operating system for personal computers, in addition to Mac. Since Apple uses macOS exclusively on their computers. Samsung has few, or say, no choice. Most Samsung notebooks and desktops are using Microsoft Windows 10. That's why you can't download iMovie for Samsung computers.

But don't despair. There are many video editing software for Windows. You could switch to your Samsung computer seamlessly. Here I strongly recommend Movavi Video Editor, which is one of the best iMovie for Windows alternative. It comes with all general video editing tools, as well as advanced tools like picture-in-picture overlay, green screen, reverse, slow motion, filters, and so forth. Give a trial now.

download imovie for samsung pc download imovie for samsung mac

imovie for samsung windows

Part 2: Download iMovie for Samsung Chromebooks Running Chrome OS

Samsung also delivers Chromebooks with its ultra-thin and light designs. One of the best product is Samsung Chromebook Plus, which provides a flexible 360° profile that enables you to use upright as a notebook or recline for a tablet view. Regrettably, you're also unable to get iMovie on Chromebook, whose operating system is Google's Chrome OS which is actually an modified Linux OS. You can't install Linux apps on Chromebook, but you're able to install Android applications thanks to Samsung's technology. 3 suggestions are available below for video editing on Samsung Chromebooks:

1) Get an iMovie for Android alternative on your Samsung Chromebook, such as FilmoraGo.

2) Use a free online video editor like Animoto, which is a perfect match with Chromebook's slogan - Always Online. Get more iMovie alternative online video editor for free.

3) Find an iMovie alternative video editor on Chrome Web Store, OpenShot for example.


imovie for samsung chrome os

iMovie Download for Samsung Notebooks Conclusion

imovie for samsung notebook

As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of liquid crystal displays, Samsung has its own unique design and technical advantages in terms of display quality and hardware performance. With the internal integration and cooperation, Samsung notebooks are top player in notebook and laptop computers.

As the NO.1 operating system for personal computers, Windows 10 also has strength in features and simplicity. Samsung hardware and Microsoft Windows 10 is a strong alliance. It's a powerful competitor to Apple's MacBook, except the iMovie.

This article is written to help you fix the problem that iMovie doesn't run on your Samsung computer. Depending on your Samsung computer's operating system, you're able to choose Movavi Video Editor as iMovie for Windows alternative or FilmoraGo/Animoto as iMovie alternative for Chrome OS. If you're using WIndows. Movavi Video Editor is your choice. Get it to try for free.

download imovie for samsung pc get imovie for samsung mac

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