Download iMovie Alternative for ASUS Laptop & Desktop PC

ASUS and Acer are two famous brand of laptop, notebook and desktop computers. Both of them are from Taiwan. Today, I'll answer your question: Can I download iMovie for ASUS computers?

NO, iMovie doesn't support Windows and Chrome OS. Most ASUS laptop, notebook and desktop computers come with the latest Microsoft Windows 10 OS, while the rest is built on Chrome OS thus also called Chromebooks.

So will you change from Apple to ASUS if you're under consideration? Just do it if iMovie is the only reason you stay away from an ideal ASUS machine. It's easy to find an iMovie for ASUS alternative. Below are the solutions to solving iMovie for ASUS embarrassing situations depending on what's the OS on your ASUS computer.

> Part 1: Download iMovie Alternative for ASUS Computers Running Windows 10
> Part 2: Download iMovie Alternative for ASUS Chromebooks Running Chrome OS

Part 1: Download iMovie for ASUS Laptops Running Windows 10

Since a majority of ASUS machines are running Microsoft Windows 10 OS, but iMovie is only compatible with Apple's own operating systems macOS and iOS, it's impossible to download iMovie for ASUS Windows computers. Forget it.

Fortunately, there are lots of Windows video editing software you can choose from for ASUS laptops and desktops. Here I would recommend Movavi Video Editor, which has a long list of features similar to iMovie, from general video editing tools to green screen, from transitions and titles to picture-in-picture overlay. With Movavi Video Editor, you'll find familiar video editing tools to edit your videos quickly and easily. No barrier changing from iMovie to Movavi. Get a free trial right now.

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Part 2: Download iMovie for ASUS Chromebook Laptops

If you're using an ASUS Chromebook, it's impossible to get iMovie on ASUS machine. Chromebook is running Chrome OS which is a customized Linux operating system. It means that you can't directly install Linux apps on your ASUS Chromebook. But you're able to change it if you want. Therefore, I'll give 3 possible solutions to edit video and make movies on your ASUS Chromebook laptop:

1) Use a free online video editor like WeVideo. See more iMovie alternative online video editor if you like this suggestion.

2) Get an iMovie alternative on Chrome Web Store. Search for OpenShot and install it as an extension to your Chrome web browser so that you can edit video with OpenShot in Chrome.

3) Download and install OpenShot or your favorite Linux video editor on your ASUS Chromebook via Crouton. Click HERE for a step by step guide.


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Download iMovie for ASUS Conclusion

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Issues table of iMovie for Mojave

ASUS is the world's leading provider of laptop, desktop and notebook computers, dedicated to providing the most innovative products and applications for individuals and businesses. Microsoft Windows 10 is the mastermind. With an ASUS laptop or desktop like the Zephyrus, ZenBook and VivoBook, you got the best performance for the least money.

Let's ignore the truth that iMovie doesn't support Windows and therefore impossible to get iMovie on ASUS laptop and desktop computers. But never mind, you can always choose from loads of iMovie alternatives for Windows or Chrome OS. This article introduced Movavi Video Editor as iMovie for Windows alternative, while OpenShot as iMovie for Chrome OS alternative. If you're using WIndows 10 or macOS Mojave. Movavi Video Editor won't disappoint you. Get it for free now.

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