Download iMovie 9.0.9 for macOS Quickly

It was 20 years ago when iMovie was originally released on Oct 5, 1999. Now the latest major version is iMovie 10.2 which was released on Nov 12, 2020. The newest update is iMovie 10.2.3 was released to public on Mar 4, 2021. Apple's iMovie is the easiest way to start video editing on your Mac and iOS.

However, not all iMovie users like the new iMovie. Sometimes, iMovie upgrade may remove some features that are important to someone, or the new version uses too much storage space. Of course there are other reasons why people is searching for old versions of iMovie. For example, so many people is seeking for download iMovie 9.0.9 for Mac.

We understand you. This article will show you how to download iMovie 9 for macOS so you could use one or two iMovie applications to edit your videos. iMovie is too old? Check out the article How to download an old version of iMovie to find more iMovie earlier versions.

Download iMovie 9 Update for Mac Version: 9.0.9 macOS: OS X Lion or later Supported

DO check out the following tutorial after downloading the above iMovie 9.0.9 update package to your Mac. It's not the iMovie 9 installation application. For those who are using both macOS and Windows, download iMovie alternatives for Mac here.

Why to Download iMovie 9.0.9?

In Oct 22, 2013, Apple released iMovie 10.0 with a complete redesign with easier green screen, picture-in-picture, and refinement tools. This version of iMovie focuses on simplicity, which resulted in lack of features. The iMovie version before 10.0 is iMovie '11 which was part of the iLife package, in addition to iDVD, iWeb, iPhoto, and GarageBand. iMovie '11 is also called iMovie 9 version. And the last update is iMovie 9.0.9. I'll teach you how to get iMovie 9.0.9 for your Mac in this tutorial.

download imovie 9 for mac

How to Download iMovie 9.0.9 for Mac

This video will show you how to download and install iMovie 9 to your Mac step by step. For those like written instructions, please read article below the video.

Step-by-step Tutorial to Download and Install iMovie 9 for macOS

Step 1: Download iMovie 9.0.9 update package from

When you try to download iMovie 9 from Apple's official site, someone may tell you to download iMovie 9.0.9 on But that's only a update package, not the installation file. You could judge from its file name imovie9.0.9update.dmg, containing imovie9.0.9update.pkg. However, we could use this update file to get the full version of iMovie 9.0.9. Just first download it to your Mac now.

download imovie 9.0.9 for big sur

Click the image will also go to the page to download iMovie 9.0.9 update.

Step 2: Move the iMovie 9.0.9 update package and expand it

For easier operation, we drag and drop imovie9.0.9update.dmg from downloads folder to desktop, and create a new folder on desktop and rename it to iMovie. Then double click on the imovie9.0.9update.dmg file to show up imovie9.0.9update.pkg file to be extracted.

To expand the package file, you need to start Terminal by typing terminal to Spotlight in upper right corner of your Mac. When Terminal is active, type: pkgutil --expand followed by a space, then drag iMovie9.0.9Update.pkg to the Terminal area, and then drag the desktop iMovie folder to The Terminal area. Hit Backspace to remove the space, and then type iMovie so the full command is "pkgutil --expand /Volumes/iMovie\ 9.0.9/iMovie9.0.9Update.pkg /Users/steven/Desktop/iMovie/iMovie". At last, hit Enter, and wait for the extraction to complete. Then close the Terminal program.

Step 3: Download iMovie 9.0.9 update package from

So we have a new iMovie9.0.9Update.pkg file in the /Desktop/iMovie/iMovie/ folder. Right click on it and select Show Package Content. In the resulting folder, right click Payload and choose Get Info. In the showup dialog, go to Name & Extension field to add .zip extension. Hit Enter and there will be a prompt. Click Add and we get

Double click on which will generate a folder Payload 2. Go into the Payload 2 folder, next Applications folder and Voila, the iMovie app is there! 

Step 4: Move iMovie 9.0.9 to your Mac's Applications folder

Right click the iMovie and select Copy iMovie. Now open Finder and go to the Applications folder, right click on empty space and select Paste Item. Click Keep Both when prompts. To distinguish with the newer iMovie, it's better to rename it to iMovie 9. You could also drag and drop iMovie to the dock. You're all set! Ready to follow this tutorial, go to download iMovie 9.0.9 on first.

imovie 9.0.9 for sierra

Auto check which version of iMovie is good for you

If you go to the Map App Store, sign in with your Apple ID and then go to the Purchases tab. If iMovie is listed there, click on it and it will offer you the latest version of iMovie compatible with your Mac OS. If it doesn't exist, follow the method above to get iMovie 9.0.9 full version.

If the above solution doesn't work on your Mac, the only option left is to go online to Amazon or other seller and purchase the iLife '11 DVD package to install iMovie 9. .

Download iMovie 9 Alternative to Edit Video on Mac

iMovie 9 is a great version of iMovie. However, if you tried all methods but still failed, why not try an iMovie 9 alternative? There are many video editing applications like iMovie for Mac and Windows, Using a video editor that works on either Mac or Windows will value your movie making experience, and easily make movies no matter you're on a Mac or PC.

Movavi Video Editor is humbly recommended as an iMovie 9 alternative for Mac and Windows. It was picked out because it's the video editor most like iMovie 9. Try it now for free.

imovie for mac and pc

Why iMovie 9.0.9 are so special?

iMovie 9.0.9 is the last update of iMovie 9 which is also called iMovie '11. iMovie '11 is part of Apple's iLife package. When iMovie 10 was released, iMovie was completely redesigned. From many people's view point, the new iMovie is simpler than iMovie 9. For example, iMovie 9 allows detailed adjustments in color correction, filter effects, audio mixing, etc. iMovie 9 provides a great way to organize your photos and video by using Events and Projects. But you could not now use Events in the latest version of iMovie.

Moreover, iMovie 9 is essential for importing analog media such as VHS or Hi8 found in many HDV/DV camcorders. The problem is that professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X cannot recognize any capture without timecode. This can cause a capture to not be recorded or to stop for no reason during the middle of a videotape transfer. iMovie 9 is MUST-HAVE if you are in the business of videotape transfer.

download imovie 9.0.9 for macos

Download iMovie 9 for Mac OS Version: 9.0.9 macOS: OS X Lion or later Sierra Supported

For those who are using both Mac and Windows, download the best iMovie alternative for Mac and Windows here.

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