How to Add Titles with iMovie for Mac and PC

Titles are very important to a video. Animated titles will bring your video to the next level so as to attract more audiences with your video. This article is not only a general tutorial on how to add titles to video in iMovie. I'll also share various tricks how to add titles that you can't previously do with iMovie.

Before continue, make sure you've installed iMovie on your Mac. If you haven't installed iMovie yet, download iMovie from Mac App Store. In the end of this article, you'll also get an iMovie alternative for PC so you can add titles to video in Windows, too.

Download iMovie for macOS Version:  10.2OS: macOS Big Sur Compatible

For Windows Users:  Download iMovie for Windows alternative

> How to Add Titles using iMovie's Title Templates
> How to Add Titles Anywhere You Want in iMovie
> How to Add Two Titles Simultaneously in iMovie
> How to Add Multiple-line Texts in Titles with iMovie
> How to Add Two Titles in Split Screen in iMovie
> How to Add Titles to Video without Limits on Mac/PC

How to Add Titles using iMovie's Title Templates

iMovie comes with lots of title templates. Frankly, there is not much spacing to customize your iMovie titles. To add titles in iMovie, first go to the Titles tab above the browser. Then do one of the following: 1) Set the position by moving the playhead, followed by double-clicking your desired title templates. 2) Drag the title and drop above the clip where you want the title to display. Next, select the added title in the timeline and in the viewer, you're able to make some changes to your titles, like inputting texts, changing its font, color, size, style, or alignment. Don't forget to click the Apply button above the viewer to save all changes.

imovie add titles

How to Add Titles Anywhere You Want in iMovie

One of the limits of iMovie's titles is that you can't change their position. If you do want to add titles in position other than the preset one, below is the guidelines. Note that the title is static using this method and Photoshop or other image editor is required. For animated titles, you have to export your iMovie project to Final Cut Pro, or other video editing soft like Movavi Video Editor for Mac.

1. Create a new image in Photoshop with a transparent background. To put the title to a precise position, you can take a full sized screenshot of where you want your titles. And paste it in Photoshop as a background.

2. Add your text with the Text Tool referring to the screenshot background. Delete the screenshot layer if there is and save the image to PNG (only PNG supports transparent bg).

3. Drag the title image to iMovie over you video clip.

4. Change the layer from Overlay to Picture in Picture. And change crop setting to Crop to Fill.

5. Preview and save your video with perfect titles.

See the below iMovie titles change position tutorial for step by step instructions.

How to Add Two Titles Simultaneously in iMovie

Knock knock knock... ... Trick or treat! Saying this to iMovie won't help. It's unable to add two titles in the same time with iMovie. Below is the trick to add two titles for the same clip.

1. Create a new iMovie project, add one clip only and add Title #1. Export the video to MOV format.

2. Create another iMovie project and import that MOV file to your final project.

3. Add Title #2. Voila! You got two titles at the same time for the same clip.

How to Add Multiple-line Texts in Titles with iMovie

As you could see from the title templates, most templates only allow you to input one line text. If you want a multiple lines title, choose those that support a line break. Sorry for that, maybe you need an iMovie alternative if you hate iMovie. Why don't iMovie have such a simple feature?

imovie add multiple line titles


How to Add Two Titles in Split Screen in iMovie

This titling need is similar to the one adding two titles at the same time. Here comes a new method. So in all, you could do this with 3 tricks as below:

1. Use ABC________XYZ (__ are Space) to realize "two" titles as shown below.

2. Pre-produce a video with title #1 and re-import to add another title #2.

3. Use Photoshop to create two titles in one image and add it as PiP in iMovie.

imovie two titles for split screen

How to Add Titles without So Many Limits like iMovie

iMovie is truly a good video editor for novices. But its title feature is hard to say good. If you want more custom space, get an iMovie alternative. For example, Final Cut Pro allows you to create stunning and animated from scratch if you're familiar with FCP. Alternatively, try Movavi Video Editor which also comes with free title templates, but different from iMovie, there is no limits to adding more titles and adjusting your title style. Both Mac and Windows version are compatible. Try Movavi Video Editor for free now!

add titles in windows or mac

iMovie Titling Conclusion

It's a piece of cake to add titles to video with iMovie. It provides you with dozens of title templates, including theme specific title templates and animated title templates. However, there are many limits to customize iMovie titles. Although there are some workaround to help you out, but time is priceless. Why not try another video editor with rich title features you want? Movavi Video Editor is our recommendation. Learn more about it and get a free trial today.

download mac title editor download title editor pc

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