How to Fix "iMovie Won't Record Voice Over"

Most people can add voiceover on iMovie. However, there are still many people ask why iMovie cannot record voiceover on the Internet. Sometimes it's not iMovie voiceover not working, it's just that guidelines are necessary to show how to add voiceover to video with iMovie. You may also need an iMovie alternative if your iMovie voiceover not recording issue can't be fixed due to hardware or software conflict.

imovie voiceover settings

Solutions to Fix "iMovie Voiceover Not Working"

Sometimes, the solution is easy, while sometimes it takes hours. Hope you find the solution to fix your problem.

  • Relaunch iMovie (yeah, it works sometimes) or reboot your Mac.
  • Turn on your microphone if it has the button.
  • Increase the volume of microphone on iMovie (click the icon next to the Record button).
  • Make sure iMovie has access to your microphone: Go to System Preferences > Security & Safety > Privacy.

    imovie voiceover not working

  • Try creating a new iMovie project to see if the problem occurs.
  • Fix the preference. Try opening iMovie while holding down the Option and Command keys, and selecting to delete preferences in the box that shows up.

imovie preferences removal

Best iMovie Alternative to Record Voiceover and Add Stock Music

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a flagship video editing application that developed by the famous multimedia software company Movavi. It's one of the best iMovie alternative for Windows and Mac, which also enables you to record audio from microphone, as well as record video from FaceTime HD Camera and other external devices.

To record voiceover with Movavi Video Editor Plus, click the Import tab (a folder with Plus icon) and in the File import panel, click Record Audio to get started.

imovie alternative record voiceover

Royalty-free Stock Music Included in Movavi Video Editor Plus

Like iMovie, you're able to use royalty-free music in Movavi Video Editor to make videos for personal or commercial projects after you've bought Movavi Video Editor Plus, in addition to recording audio.

FAQs about iMovie Voiceover

Why iMovie Record Voiceover Grayed Out?

Well, this does happen. First try to update iMovie and your macOS to the latest compatible version possible. Also tried the above methods to make the voiceover function work again. See how to update iMovie >>

How Can I Download An Older Version of iMovie?

Generally, your iMovie will also be upgraded to the latest version when you updated your macOS. But when you open iMovie, it says that your macOS doesn't support the current version of iMovie. Then you need to download an older version of iMovie for your current operating system. This article will show you how to download an earlier version of iMovie app.

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