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Dxtory is a well-known video recording tool developed by ExKode company. Dxtory, Bandicam and Fraps are considered by the majority of game recording applications. Dxtory can record the entire screen, or record a certain area, capture screenshot, support lossless capture, and provide broad support for recording codes.

Does Dxtory work on Mac?

The answer is NO. Dxtory is only compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and other Windows releases after XP. Either 64bit or 32bit is supported. But there is no macOS version of Dxtory. Go to Dxtory Official site to get a free trial version if you're using Microsoft Windows.

For macOS users, Movavi Video Suite for Mac is considered as the best Dxtory for Mac alternative to record video, edit video and share recordings with your friends.

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dxtory for mac suite

Why Choose Movavi Video Suite for Mac?

Movavi Video Suite for Mac is an all-in-one screen recorder, video editor and video converter, media player, and more. Not only can it help you record video from screen, but also provides you with everything you need to produce a professional gaming video for sharing with others. You can't find a better Dxtory for macOS alternative than Movavi Video Suite. It provides much more features than Dxtory.

Key Features of Movavi Video Suite for Mac

  • Record full-screen or any selected area with any screen activities.
  • Record video with or without Facetime camera, microphone, computer audio.
  • Easily add realtime callouts while recording using your Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.
  • Edit recordings with industry-leading video editor.
  • Convert recordings to 180+ formats with favorite codecs fast and easy.
  • Easily share gaming videos on 200+ devices: iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Sony PlayStation, and more.
  • Directly upload edited recordings to YouTube or burn to DVD for long-term saving.
  • Royalty-free stock video, music and lots of media extras.
  • Take screenshots: full screen, partial screen or entire web page.

How to Use Dxtory for Mac Alternative - Movavi Video Suite

As the best Dxtory alternative for Mac, Movavi Video Suite could help you do many things. Now I'll show you some of them. The most important equivalent features I think.

Recording Screen Instructions

  • Launch Movavi Video Suite, click Video in the Tools section.
  • Locate the Record computer screen tab.
  • Click Launch to start the screen capture module and make settings before recording screen; Click Start Recording to start recording right away with the last seleted area (full screen by default).
  • Use these keyboard shortcuts to simplify the recording process:
    F9 - pause the recording
    F8 - take a snapshot of the capture area
    F10 - end capture and save the recording
  • When you finish recording, the editing window will open. You're able to make basiv video editing here. For advanced video editing, see the video editing instructions below.

dxtory for mac recording

Editing Video Instructions

  • Launch Movavi Video Suite, click Video in the Tools section.
  • Then click New Project on the Edit video tile.
  • A full-featured video editor will open. All common and professional video editing tools are available.

dxtory for mac editing video

Converting Video Instructions

  • Launch Movavi Video Suite, click Video in the Tools section.
  • Then click Launch on the Convert video tile.
  • In the resulting video converter module, click the + button to import your recorded files, or simply drag and drop them to the window of video converter.
  • Choose an output format from the bottom of video converter.
  • Click Convert to start. Your recorded files will be converted to the selected format in minutes.

dxtory for mac converting video

Dxtory for Mac Conclusion

Since Dxtory only runs on Windows. You have to download and use Dxtory for Mac alternative to do what you were used to doing on a Windows computer. Movavi Video Suite for Mac is highly recommended to replace Dxtory to record screen, edit video and convert video for playing anywhere. Get a free trial now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dxtory for Mac

How can I add a FPS counter on Mac?

If you're playing games on Mac using Steam, you could easily add a real-time FPS counter with Steam. Just go to Preferences > In-Game tab, and choose an option from the In-Game FPS Counter dropdown menu. For those games outside Steam, you need to install an app called Count It and add the FPS counter manually. The following video below will tell you how to do that.

Is Dxtory Free?

No. It's free to try Dxtory with limits like watermark and video length. By paying for about $35, all these limits will be removed.

Why is there a codec activation message when I try to start recording?

When you first start using Movavi Video Suite, you need to activate the codecs you are using. Simply click Activate in the message box to start using these codecs and continue with your capture. This process is free of charge and does not collect any personal information.

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