How to Fix "iMovie Won't Import TS Video Files"

What's TS?

TS is short for Transport Stream, which is specified in MPEG-2. TS is a standard format for transmission and storage of audio, video, and data, and is used in broadcast systems such as DVB and ATSC. Transport stream specifies a container format encapsulating packetized streams, with error correction and stream synchronization features for maintaining transmission integrity when the signal is degraded.

Why iMovie Won't Import TS Files?

According to iMovie compatible formats, iMovie (including iMovie 10/'11/8) can't import files ending with .ts. So how do you import TS to iMovie? Many people are asking this. Is there any way to convert TS to iMovie supported formats? This article introduces proven answers to these TS questions.

How to Fix "iMovie Won't Import TS Video Files" issue

You have two options: For those who want to stick with iMovie, simply change TS files to iMovie supported formats like MP4. But I prefer to more powerful video editing software similar to iMovie. Movavi Video Editor is highly recommended here. So this article will contain all the following proven solutions.

Part 1: How to Convert TS Files for Editing in iMovie

There are many TS to iMovie video converter on the market. Here I'm going to show you how to change TS to iMovie compatible format using Movavi Video Converter. It includes an iMovie-optimized output format for instant use.

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Step 1. Add Your TS Files to Video Converter

Download Movavi video converter and launch it after installation. The primary screen is intuitive, much better than those with complicated interface. To import TS to iMovie video converter, click the Add Media button and select Add Video. Then choose your TS files from your Mac. You could also directly drag and drop TS files to the application.

ts to imovie video converter

Step 2. Choose iMovie-optimized Format: MP4 for iMovie

This TS to iMovie Video Converter helps you to convert any video compatible with iMovie. The MP4 for iMovie profile is preset with parameters that work perfectly with iMovie. Just go to the Popular tab and select MP4 for iMovie. This video converter is also useful if you often download videos in various formats for playing on iPhone or iPad.

ts for imovie output format

Step 3. Start Converting and Importing TS to iMovie

Now click the Convert button and in seconds, your video files will become totally compatible with iMovie (including every version of iMovie). After the conversion is complete, go to the output folder in Finder and select files and drop to an event in the Libraries list in iMovie.

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Part 2: Import Any TS File for Editing on Mac without Conversion

More or less image quality will be lost using any video converter. If quality is extremely important to you, Movavi Video Editor is what you need to edit TS files directly. No conversion, no quality loss.

edit ts files with imovie

download video editor mac download video editor pc

Frequently Asked Questions about Importing TS to iMovie

How do you convert VIDEO_TS folder to edit in iMovie?

Although including TS in VIDEO_TS, VIDEO_TS is actually an MPEG-2 format with VOB, IFO, or BUP extensions. VIDEO_TS are usually files copied from DVD disc. Like TS files, you can't import VIDEO_TS files to iMovie, a TS video converter or TS video editor is required.

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