Free Real Estate Video Templates to Make Compelling Video

Every company wants to advertise itself, no matter it's a real estate company or a real estate agency. And video, as the most direct visual impact, has become a popular publicity tool for many real estate property companies. A creative real estate video always impresses the audience, builds trust or directly convinces potential clients.

Usually, you need to hire a video production company to make real estate video. Now things changed. Everything goes online. Online video makers like FlexClip enables you to produce real estate video yourself. You don't need to learn design software or video editor. Just drag and drop to customize a real estate video template to create your own video. Hundreds of real estate video templates are included in FlexClip. Now sign up free and make your own real estate listing video, real estate property advisor video, real estate agency introduction video and more.

Free Real Estate Video Templates Online

FlexClip is one of the best online real estate video makers with 1000+ free video templates. With it, it's extremely easy to make a real estate video from template to advertise on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Apart from templates, you have everything for real estate video editing. Like royalty-free stock video and music, real estate related overlays, animated titles, stickers and much more.

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How to Create A Real Estate Marketing Video from Template

Now I'm going to show you how to make a real estate video from the selected template. You could also make a real estate video from scratch. FlexClip's titles, overlays, elements and stock media help you create a real estate video easier than you imagine. Only 3 steps are necessary.

1. Choose a Real Estate video template. FlexClip's professional designers investigated Real Estate industry and knows exactly what you want. Just select a video template from the Real Estate category and you're not far from success.

2. Add titles, music and more. The time for real estate video customization varies from minutes to days. It depends what kind of real estate video you desire. For a real estate video, it's necessary to upload the house pictures and video clips. FlexClip lets you upload files fast and easy. Then you could change music, edit titles, add watermark, and more until you're fully satisfied with your production.

3. Premiere Your Real Estate video. Export your video in the selected resolutions (from 480p to 1080p) to your computer. You can then advertise your real estate video anywhere you want. You could share your Real Estate video to YouTube without leaving FlexClip.

how to use free Real Estate video templates

Ideas for Making Real Estate Video

Your first time to make a real estate marketing video? Here are ideas for real estate video making and marketing.

1. Be targeted and fully understand the target audience

Different target audiences have different focuses. For real estate advertisements aimed at working-class people, it is necessary to emphasize price advantages, convenient transportation, convenient shopping, etc. in the promotional film; for high-income groups, it is necessary to highlight their elegant and noble representatives.

2. Comprehensive, detailed and specific info

To encourage consumers to contact your or even place an order, the information in the real estate video must be comprehensive and detailed. The information in the propaganda film must be guiding, arouse consumer interest and make audience to take action.

4. Be creative and be a director of real estate video

The purpose of real estate video is for marketing. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the real estate industry, customer usage habits, and the situation of competitors in order to produce and plan real estate business videos in a targeted manner, so as to conform to the development strategy and reflect the characteristics of the industry, thereby catering to customers and realizing profits for real estate.

5. To show individuality and promote your brand

Have a positioning on the real estate of the desired enterprise video, and understand the life philosophy of the target group, find products related to its philosophy, to highlight the product personality, establish a brand image, and everything will fall into place.

Real Estate Listing Video Created from Modern Property List Template

FAQs about Free Real Estate Video Templates

How Can I use these free Real Estate video templates?

Just sign up free on if you don’t have one yet. After login, you're able to create a real estate video from a chosen video template. Besides Real Estate templates, there are more than 1000+ free video templates for business, social platform ads, birthday, wedding, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and so forth.

Are these Real Estate movie templates editable?

Yes. All Real Estate video templates on FlexClip are customizable. You can easily find and choose a video template and customize it with built-in tools and resources like stock video/music, titles, overlays, elements, watermark, etc. Give a try now, it's free.

Can I use Real Estate video templates in iMovie?

You have to export the real estate video first, and then import it to iMovie for editing. Note that iMovie doesn't work on Windows computers, if you're using Windows, you need an iMovie for Windows alternative to edit your exported real estate video.

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