Is iMovie Available for Windows?

Here is the hot topic on many communities and forums: Is iMovie available on Windows?

Face it, here is the truth: iMovie is UNAVAILABLE for Windows. It’s the Apple-exclusive application for macOS and iOS device users. And much worse, Apple has no plans to release iMovie for Windows. So what’s the solution?

I would suggest you find an alternative to iMovie for Windows. Thanks to those selfless developers, there are many free video editing software you could get to replace iMovie – free or paid. Check out the top 6 free video editors like iMovie.

Best iMovie Alternative for Windows

As for the best iMovie alternative available for Windows, I highly recommend Movavi Video Editor Plus, which has a similar user interface and workflow to iMovie. It’s available for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. Of course, it runs fast on macOS, too. If you’re also searching for a video editor for Mac that is more powerful than iMovie, you’ll love this best iMovie for Windows and Mac replacement.

Here is the demo video of Movavi Video Editor Plus – Video Editing Made Easy

Available iMovie for Windows Equivalent

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Here’s the answer to questions like “Is iMovie available for Windows?”, “Is there iMovie for Windows”, “What is the closest thing to iMovie for Windows?”, etc. Hope you like it. And feel free to leave a comment if you have other questions on iMovie for Windows and Mac. If you don’t like reading words, hit play to watch the video below. You got your questions answered here.

Answered: iMovie isn’t available on Windows

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