iMovie for Windows Registration Code?

Today, I found out many people are searching for “iMovie for Windows registration code” on Google. The top 3 results are all crack-related pages.

imovie for windows registration code google

So does iMovie need a registration code?


iMovie is a totally FREE video editing application already pre-installed on every Mac since around 2014.

Therefore, you don’t need an iMovie for Windows registration code. Just start using it on your macOS to create dazzling movies. There aren’t any restrictions. If you haven’t found it on your mobile device like your iPhone, simply go to the iOS store to download it. No registration code is required, too. It’s completely free. Thank Apple for making such an amazing application.

Here comes to the end? Interesting, I found out more. In one of the “iMovie for Windows registration code” articles, I saw a picture shown as below.

imovie for windows registration code crack
iMovie for Windows Registration Code?

Obviously, this isn’t iMovie for Windows. It’s Movavi Video Editor Plus – one of the best iMovie for Windows alternatives. If you like it, don’t crack it! Buy a registration code. Want to save money? Just check out Movavi discount coupons, or get 20% OFF Movavi Video Editor Plus. You don’t need to crack iMovie for Windows, don’t need to pay full, and enjoy video editing like using iMovie on Windows!

If you have tried Movavi Video Editor Plus, go to get it for a free trial now!

Learn more about the best iMovie for Windows alternative by watching the video below.

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