Apply Zoom In / Zoom Out Effects in Windows

First of all, let's learn more about the zoom effects: Zoom in to get a close look at details, while zoom out to see the full picture. It's originally a technique used in TV production and film making. Later, some video editing programs can help you create a zoom in or zoom out effect such as iMovie and Movavi Video Editor.

However, this article isn't talking about the history and principles of zooming and panning. Instead, I'll show you how to add zoom in/zoom out effect to your clip, and then save your video to your computer, using Movavi Video Editor for Windows.

How to Apply iMovie-like Zoom in / Zoom Out Effect in Windows

    • Step 1: Install Zoom In Video Editor. Download Movavi Video Editor and install it by following the installation guide step by step.
      Step 2: Import Video. Once launched the zoom program, choose Create project in full feature mode. In the main screen, Click on Add Media Files to choose the video you want to apply zoom in effect to.
      Step 3: Add zoom in or zoom out effect. On the left side of the program, click the More button to select Pan & Zoom. In the effect browser, click on Zoom In, Zoom Out, or Pan depending on your needs. Click Add to apply the selected effect. In the Preview window, you're able to adjust the zooming and panning settings as you like.
    • Step 4: Edit keyframes and adjust zoom in duration. After added the effect, you'll see two blue dots on the clip thumbnail. One is the start keyframe, while the other is end keyframe. Right click on either of them to edit the zoom effect. Hanging the mouse over the dots will show a double-arrow, drag it to change the duration of effect. The longer duration, the slower the zooming. Once you're satisfied with the result, click the Export button to create a video clip with zoom in or zoom out effect.

How to Add Zoom in/Zoom Out Effect in iMovie 10.1 on Mac

  • Zoom in / Zoom Out effects is called Ken Burns effect in iMovie. Below is how you can add zoom in or zoom out effect to a clip or photo with iMovie.
  • In the timeline, select the clip you want to add zoom in / zoom out effect to, then click the Cropping button > Ken Burns button. Two frames, labeled Start and End, appear over the clip in the viewer. Set Start frame and End frame, and resize it as you want. Click the Apply button (a tick) to confirm the effect.
  • Click the Swap button to the right of Ken Burn button to switch between zoom in and zoom out effect.

iMovie-like Zoom in / Zoom Out Video Example

This is an example showing zoom in effect created with iMovie for Windows editor - Movavi Video Editor.

Download Movavi Video Editor now to easily add zoom in, zoom out or pan effects to your video.

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