How to Edit iMovie Green Screen Video on Mac

Green Screen effect, also called Chroma Key effect, is an easy way to combine two clips of video into one with incredible scenes. For example, you can fly over a real high mountain (want to make this? see below). Green Screen is a pure color background, often green background. It also could be other pure color like Blue or Pink. iMovie green screen effect lets you apply a green screen video to another by dragging and dropping. It's so easy to make astonishing video with the iMovie Green Screen effect.

However, iMovie doesn't work in Windows computer. If you have switched to Windows and want to edit green screen video, you need a Windows video editor that supports green screen video. Here Movavi Video Editor is highly recommended. With it, you can easily apply Green Screen effect to your video and overlay anything perfectly on your desired backward video clip.

How to Use Green Screen Video in Windows with Movavi Video Editor

  • Before using Green Screen effect in Windows with Movavi Video Editor - the best iMovie alternative for Windows and Mac, you should prepare at least two video/image clips: the pure color video and the video/image that you want to replace the pure color with. Now let's show you how to use Green Screen effect in Movavi Video Editor.
  • Step 1 - Switch to the timeline mode and click + then choose Video Track to get 2 video tracks prepared.
    Step 2 - Drag the clip with the green background onto the upper video track, while the background video onto the lower track.
    Step 3 - Go to the Effect tab in the middle toolbar and locate Green Screen effect, then click it to show the setting panel.
    Step 4 - Make settings to remove the green background completely, and then click Apply to combine green screen video and your background video into an amazing clip.
  • See? This is how you can use iMovie green screen effect in Windows. Get iMovie alternative for Windows editor now to create you own masterpieces with iMovie-like green screen effect.
imovie green screen
imovie green screen

How to Make Green Screen Video with iMovie '11 on Mac

  • Don't know how to apply Green Screen effect in iMovie? Never mind. Just follow these steps to show the effect and add it to your video creation.
  • 1 - Enable iMovie Green Screen effect: . Go to iMovie -> Preferences, and select "Show Advanced Tools" to activate iMovie green screen effect and other advanced effects.
    2 - To apply Green Screen effect in iMovie, simply drag the clip onto an existing project clip.
    3 - The contextual menu will appear. There choose Green Screen (or Blue Screen). The solid color background will disappear and display your desired background.
    Easy, right? I think many people stop there because they can find the green screen effect. So just follow the step 1 to enable iMovie green screen before using it.
imovie preferences
imovie green screen

iMovie Alternative for Windows Green Screen Video Example

The video below is created with Green Screen effect included in the best iMovie Alternative for Windows editor - Movavi Video Editor.

Download Movavi Video Editor now to make your own video with Green Screen effect.

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